Friday, January 30, 2009

video edit time

The Phoenix is a multicultural symbol of transformation, resurrection, evolution, change..
Old ways die as new ideals are nurtured.

and now need to learn Final Cut (though i know Avid Express it is rare in this town...being such a picky software). So am doing an over the shoulder crash course at SCAN waiting for producer classes but can start this week to work at NSCC...thanks to a Media Center staff that understands the world possible. NSCC is a great local educational resource where i found new friends that are now working with me on the RIP, education is much more than the classes.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moving on

as i was free to walk away knowing my ideas were in the good and capable hands of others. The positive surprises they created far exceeded the few "mmm perhaps that should go...." moments, proving that hydras work! though an evil beast in the Hercules myth perhaps it was hierarchical bias even then! hey one hero per story dude! cos one head is better than 9.......what's with that?

in Motion

Emily wears a metaphor

Renee the magician of hair and make-up and
photographer too, as a girl can't have too many metaphoric hats!

Tree people


we ran out of time to shoot an ensemble idea Cathy and i had visualized. The good thing is that it will transfer to the "Water" chapter. However "tree people" showed up and as they helped with other jobs on the set it was a very good thing. It is necessary to plan for weird incidentals and double the expected time...guerrrilla video is a fine line between known and opportunity and the best way to juggle them in life, it's about adding the new ideas that can sometimes change many things. that's the thrill! and the hope! (albeit the risk)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jackson awaits his cue


the location pictures were shot by Nick, Cathy, Mark, Jody, Sharon and me. i am gong to start another blog for credits and crew, model stuff, lost and found all the detail works that now are important. Soon! email for info if you want.

we can do it

After seeing the footage, the original phoenix idea
is out . some ideas just need to go! Flash to the rescue!

and we did!
i was impressed with the generous help and guidance the fun, the harmony and patience that prevailed on location. it was a longer day than i had thought it would be and yet more than half the party helped with clean-up. collaboration works and the minor upsets were cues for my "do it better next time list."

day of the RIP

Emily strikes an Isadora pose in a stenciled tee
& skirt remade from pants from the Ryther Thrift shop in Ballard

Maddy hands me the Quetzal memorial illustration
- as the future is hers.

Dawn pretty pose, 30s lacey refashion

Madeline in tieback top and skirt made of remnants
and donations

Thendara in the first dress made for the RIP
started as a 70's jumpsuit. Silk leaves from old flowers.

Holly in Viva La Evolucion!
made from the slip of the 30's lace dress and a donated velvet robe
with remnants from my success/excess quilt

Maggie in the 20's chemise with an India import flocking underskirt
from the Goodwill

Friday, January 16, 2009


Carol in lace topped empire dress
from a thrift store blouse and panne left over from the Evolucion jacket

the draped staircase was a brilliant Cathy idea. The tricky part was walking gracefully down them while nimbly avoiding the tripper folds on the stairs. No one fell; whew -going to show that sometimes a little risk just makes the shot!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fashionRIP the Enterprise

mother and daughter
Dawn and Maddy
Cathy, Bridgett and i were in the edit lab at SCAN yesterday and though i had had a few day after jitters; those- why didn't i think of that, see that or be more/less assertive- do better next time markers...yah, despite Monday morning mental playbacks......the piece is astounding. i am so pleased at the footage we have seen so far it's proving my fears, as usual, were groundless!

I love all of you giving , magical, inspired people who showed up for the shoot or were there in my heart only, for helping this show become a tangible piece of work.

So fashionRIP is becoming it's own Enterprise, following the laws of nature, powered by technology and synergy. This way all the people involved can be stakeholders of the project and can then participate in its growth -actively or passively. Photographers, models, musicians and artists can set up their own sites under the fashionRIP project heading. The only stipulation is that the public sites have to be ok'd by me. Content control is still mine as fashionRIP is my new baby and with intuitive faith in the "more" i am doing the mom thing.

Monday, January 12, 2009


happened. Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days of my life. I am in awe and gratitude.
The little sustainable fashion seed that i sowed and nurtured for years has grown and blossomed. This happened only by the help and support, the creative genius and the talents of many people. Some were old friends, some new, all were people who showed up and turned concept into form, who took my outlines and sketches, filled them out with their own brilliance and the results were much more than i had imagined...and yet i "knew" they would be.

The video shoot delay allowed for a better production as more talent and equipment were available, the script was enhanced and i have even more faith in our collective human ability to grow new paradigms before the old cancerous ones kill us all!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Video Shoot Tomorrow

Not a snowflake in sight, the dresses are pressed, accessories packed, set riff raff and equipment are ready to go. I am sitting here realizing again how amazing it is that so many people are volunteering to show up and help this video story come to life.
I haven't the words to thank them all enough for proving that the possible is everywhere...just sometimes disguised by the everyday.
L all, deborah

the trifold illustration is circa 2005 when a friend and i got together to play with paints, scissors and pretty paper bits like we did when we were kids....try it, its fun!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


the following (preceding) post was an example of logic supporting the intuitive mind. That amuses me! so i do it a lot but just now realized it's meaning in context with the Einstein quote.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Monkey Kings

Have we been fooled by our logic?
It seems monkeys have culture and pass information down through generations, they farm, have hierarchical rules, have those that kill each other off more frequently than any outside force, use tools and some can communicate between species that share a location.
They appear to follow the logical thought process. (PBS/Nature: Clever Monkeys)

This is big. Once more the beauty of the intuitive, spiritual, knowing mind is brought into the fore as it appears that is really what makes us human and it's expression is art. So art is what will guide us through the paradigm change and as fashionRIP is trying to embrace as many art forms and artists as possible mom, look what i did in life today!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

4 of 7

and a new year.
with a new date to shoot the first fashionRIP video ...a total base 7 in numerology and that is nice...playful and lucky.