Saturday, May 30, 2009

credit revolution

9/11 memorial art wall under Barneys ad

Before fashionRIP was a project it was a blog for a class at NSCC.

I decided to address issues around fast fashion and how textile production took its toll on the environment, etc. My other big issue at the time was with artists and creative sustainability, as i had noticed how industries gobbled up creatives, used them and then went on. Okay, there was compensation for some of them but the big money was shuffled into the corporate structure and that was considered "how business works".

I noticed in middle school how the fashion industry would take the ideas from the street and plop their labels on...okay, with a few adjustments designed for the broader appeal. Yves St Laurent was the first one that caught my attention as he remade the hippie look into bohemian style.

Getting and building on ideas is a good thing but somehow i think giving the credit back to the street origins when deserving is necessary and important for the development of healthy systems. It only makes sense to embrace the whole.

Monday, May 25, 2009

5th Ave

or was it Madison Avenue, NYC? Doesn't matter if it was Cartier, Winston or Tiffany or another all together...what's inside doesn't appeal to me in any way! Though i do like the peacock graphic and the exterior makes a nice photograph.

Adili eco fashion handed out peacock feather printed bags at the Sustainable Style Summit. One bird representing very diverse concepts and agendas.

ps. I just looked it up and my photo is of the exterior of the House of Harry Winston.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finish Line in Sight

I am very close to having this video ready for its soundtrack. Now comes the process of asking fresh eyes to view it and gather advice from Bridgett, Cynthia and a few others. It can be hard to hear criticism but i know i need it....and i know i don't have to agree; however in the art of communicating for broad appeal one must disable the defensive ego attack back button and listen from a higher plane. OK its a model to go for....i am trying!

I do believe that this ego defense thing is a big part of why we have gotten trapped in our current model. Learning when to hold firm and when to alter the self is tricky. Experiment and it may shake up the ready made responses we all carry around! and that is a good thing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life in DeLays

It looked so easy in my head! When this project was launched i was thinking a few months of work....tops, after the dresses were made. But head sets and tangly lives, the dances of becoming aware and all the strings that need following when communication is the art- its path was/is full of surprise. Finding the magic mix before baby goes public, well it isn't linear, nor simple until it hits that space....then it is beautifully simple.

Time is finding its own rhythm in this journey....the best i have ever had.

I call fashionRIP my baby, but its livelihood depends on an extended family of volunteers, teachers, doting godparents etc. I am ready to find other stakeholders, for the RIP provokes discussions of change in a compelling manner; and deserves a wide audience.

I think as the human population overdose is recognized for the killer it is, there will be more creative parents, parents who partner for the creative thrill, the nurturing, and the graduation of their "spirit children".

Now ain't that evolution style!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New to View

Anais Nin quote in upper left from banner hanging at NSCC on Earth Day, the Niagara Bar and daffodils are in NYC

The photo slideshow of the Species on the Verge is a good visual overview for anyone new to this site.
I am working on the final edit of the loosely scripted video and then Jaime Robert Johnson will set the score to it. I have learned how important the soundtrack is after being in the backseat of the "Making of the Species on the Verge" video that Bridgett Barker edited for her SCAN producers eligibility. Bridgett was putting another feather on her hat; which is but one of the many hats she wears with talent and joie de vivre.

Music is that which charms the savage beast....i heard that
somewhere, anyway it can also turn that lil beastie on- in the bad way.

Thanks Mr J. for taking on that audio animal.

Success is in the air, like Spring!