Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art Directed

drape for tee repurpose with neckline
for pocket opening in skirts
When artists collaborate, they can do more without the meddlin' middles that take a big part of the profits.....if rockers can, why not designers?

Street up art/design empowers society as the focus is put back on the "art" and not the profit, profit should be the result not the raison d'art.

Pierced Arrows (usa) and Black Lips (UK) interview in Dazed Digital inspired this entry. The B. Lips video of their song "Drugs" brings up the larger social problem underlying abuse. Are we just trying to fill a hole in our psyches?

Japan is now studying suicide as a social issue, realizing that blaming victims has not improved stats. How does this tie together?

Maybe it all means that we are searching for better truths, changing focus, adding perspective and attaining new consciousness.
Maybe drug damage and suicide drives are symptoms of consumer based systems. All that stuff never really fills the holes. It's time to look elswhere....and some of us are!

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