Saturday, July 17, 2010

back from AZ

Gpa (we get along fine) Papa and Gma

parents and child

Joshua Trees

Az is not Oz but the wizard is going unchecked all the same! Desert sprawl makes me wonder about the "what" that is in charge of consensual reality!

All these people are living in a land with little water (hi-jacked from the Colorado River) and pesticides are needed for scorpion control (yup, they can kill ya). Indoor living means AC and HD on big flat screen TVs, Wii and uber video games on super clocked computers -all making for good little consumers but at what "real" cost?

Ok the day temp was over 100 degrees but the evenings were nice. Suv's and US flags and the Vision worker (yard care and builders of swimming pools) who told me when I asked what he made of the low use of spolar energy that "they don't think about the future."
Side 2:
My granddaughter was born there, in her daddy's hospital (he's a doctor) so there I was and there she is and I dropped as many seeds of change as I dared. Snippet educating is my new best practice, challenging everyone to do in kind is my new nag!

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