Saturday, July 3, 2010

medical mannequins

skater accident dude at Swedish Hospital

Me n Mr Bones -real bones! at Vets Hosp.

Low fidelity Gal at Swedish
Wow, techy mannequins for optimal health care practice and practicing.
These state of the art, high fidelity simulators are being brought to life in several area teaching hospitals. I tagged along as the photographer with a nurse who is presenting the needed research to her hospital as a training tool for the nursing staff.
The low fidelty models are the basic trainers.
I figure the re-use strategy involves display; the surprise function of a function.
I was able to get some hands on training at the Northwest Hospital which was awesome. I never used a stethoscope before and hearing an asthma wheeze even from under a plastic skin set up a buy in step to the real. They talk, give birth, pee, bleed, perspire....again wow!
The teaching lab at Northwest wants to eradicate the saying "Nurses eat their young" by creating safe, nurturing learning environments where students get comfortable with asking questions and helping each other in collaborative learning experiences.
This is the part that resonates with the fashionRIP Project. We are evolving past the fear syndrome of limited hierarchal power into recognizing and celebrating the individual within the group, the connection of a better whole.

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