Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pattern Graphics

This great McCalls cover illustration shouts 40s because of the 'manly shoulders.' I can't find the year it was printed, but fashion propaganda tells on itself. I wish I could tell you the name of the artist, as it is their hand behind the duplication machinery, that speaks to me.

Now duplication has become a new social dis -ease.
Robots replaced 3500 workers in a windshield factory (3 button pushers- 1 per shift- in 24 hours) test drive the cars and more, as manufacturing returns to Detroit. (from lecture by Maureen Taylor 1/18/11) This is helping raise GDP while wages fall and unemployment is rampant -so now what?

This could be a benefit for everyone as we are all planetary stakeholders. More people working fewer hours with living wages would allow time for things that are important, like family, art, storytelling, research into 'everything,' developing more clean energy, meditation and learning how happiness as a measure impacts life around the world. This should be the age of discovering our species greatest potential.

Instead, the planned obsolesemce model has displaced humans as a means to accelerate wealth within ever smaller circles. This is happening because the laws are based on an archaic (royal elite) model. Adaptations have refined the pattern but yet it remains framed in the old ideology. These absurd constraints have created a design of inbred concepts. So instead of bounty for all, we see distorted profits and distribution plans run amuck!!!!
Like, what's the point? because from here, it all looks just way too dumb.

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