Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Species on the Verge debut

Phoenix is such a global symbol...why?
This phoenix from the Orient is an embroiderey on silk i found at a yard sale.
Next wednesday I am doing a promo show and tell to get fashionRIP a spot of time at a Wallingford art gallery. The phrase "in my own backyard" comes to mind as I am going through images that will best explain the vision.
It is so clear in my head as i see in 3 d and past, present and future -all a mix. Brains are spectacular tools!!!

I reviewed the slideshow and maybe...... but hate to disconnect my laptop to show it and the dvd of "Species on the Verge" as am now using it as my main computer...I should think we could work around this tech issue, perhaps we might borrow one from a neighbor shop......

Such wonderful issues to be having, the phoenix is about to fly.

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