Sunday, January 9, 2011

unstructured Coat

the 'true' color is on the bottom, the top photo was shot this morning in electric light....

i used wool coating from the stash that was built up during my Zootsuit days, to make this unlined coat. Its like a big blanket - not a snuggie uggie.

The trade off for no lining was having to bind the seams. i could have serged them but i like the contrast and nice finish that bias tape adds.

When i was designing and sewing custom garments i bought supplies on sale, from fabric stores, estate, vintage,garage and yard sales. Even after selling a lot of fabric the summer of '09 i am well stocked and it is a fun challenge to see how little i need to buy now. Discovering creative solutions gives me a brain rush that i love.
Super vintage buttons were reclaimed from...?

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