Friday, October 14, 2011

Conscious Evolution

and the global crisis. for if we continue this course we all die, eventually the pollution and toxins will even get to the King on the Mountain. So what gives here?

Evolution is a labor of love, therefore conscious evolution is consciously giving love, for self, family, community, the planet, life and the living universe. "Realizing this shift from ego to essence allows us to become one with the universal self." (Barbara Marx Hubbard) This creates long term joy. This is maturing self.

Ignorance is not a good excuse and those with power need to break out of their comfort zone of old skool mindset. Please see the documentaries, read the books and expose yourself to all manner of inconvenient truths. Recognize that you are more than your egos. Recognize that your masters have limited the system in such a way that it is eating itself.

Working together for the good of the planet, the people and related ecosystems will benefit all. Seeking to satisfy ones own small desires is healthy only when recognized in balance with others of the species. Healing takes inner and outer work. The co-creative drama is about to unfold if we come to terms with our potential.

Culturally we are locked into this developmental limbo, face saving ("Lies My Teacher Told Me," Loewen) and cover ups that do not allow enough truth to escape to inform us into our best possibilities. Like in personal development, this is a stage. However we need to learn and change to successfully get out of this mess. Like individuals, the culture can mature, evolve...change. & that is really a good thing.

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