Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wall Street Occupation

I received the best document of stand upness ever. I am waiting for a link and permission to post it as many places as possible. Here! soon.

My hope in the American idyllic/idealistic spirit has been rekindled. I lost it, little by little from grade school on, lies poking through the facade does that to children. So this Wall Street Occupation is hitting home, the ripping power of many hands is shredding the bulwark of BS. How was it able to take so much from so many for so long?

It's a good time to inspect our individual and cultural values. A time to decide on the world we wish to create. I know what i believe is possible and i have a feeling that there are others out there knowing that we are living in a very small range of our true potential. That said, what will the world look like when we take responsibility for our potentials and demand no less of our societies. Diversity and creativity will soar, what else? Wow.

Despite our addictions and egos we are pretty cool -in fact we learn from those things that are our problems. We are not the dis-ease, the social system is the incubator, the policies immunized us and the reign of profits, intent on "having it all" kills the very thing it needs to sustain itself. weird. Oh, that is the disease. Addictions, whacked egos are symptoms. The holes we are trying to fill are beacons and the light is going on.

We allowed for corporations to rule by a power of economics that was made up long ago based on protecting the wealth of the few from the unwashed masses. (H Zinn, Loewen links to Amazon for the reviews) One big problem- among many others -is that the ideology became so "inbred" over such a long time, constantly shrinking the pool of possibilities, that it's "dna" is warped and doomed beyond repair. (bad meme)

So Retail Redux-ion is ready for a second look. Values and resources and fashion, oh my. A little taste of the what and why, really , Why? about the stuff we buy -because it is time to reconsider.

fashionRIP Project video with footage from London Fashion Week (2010), the British History museum and airport. The Easter Island mural was the last thing i saw before boarding the plane to go home.....I get it!!! The footage of Annie Leonard from "the Story of Stuff" is used by permission. I requested permission for the music by the Sex Pistols and the commercial footage but I received no replies. Life is really fun when you pay attention to the "other."

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