Thursday, October 27, 2011

The money tool

Ellen Brown explains this whole money thing simply, because $ is simple, a tool, a chit of credit (debt). Interest is the profit When $ is extended to build local, diverse, eco sane economic systems it can be a most sustainable, healthy, intelligent means to a socially just, environmentally sound, ecosystem supportive practice. It could expand creative expressions and help the curious explore freely.

This is important to know, for deconstructing the Wall Street Ponzi scheme will enable our collective and individual human potential to bloom. Money will be a means of enabling human transactions, to extend fairly traded goods and services, not an abstract made real via derivatives and stock market hype.

Growth has hit the wall of why? When big gets too big it damages its own means of survival. This is not attractive, Bank of America -not attractive, Chase and the parasite economy- not attractive. So why continue feeding them? (deposits!)

State banks can be one way of creating local well being as they are more intent on keeping the money circulating in their communities. With more emphasis on fair profit, sustainable economics and transparent accounting; this concept has historical and international precedence, and is a viable alternative to the Wall Street Trap.

The mega banks take our money and invest where the biggest returns can be had. This has resulted in investments outside of the USA and the result has been outsourcing, loss of jobs, loss of real choices, loss of habitat and lifestyles and loss of ethical standards on almost all fronts.

Simply, not cool.

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