Thursday, November 24, 2011


Grateful yes, Thanksgiving, no.

Cranked Turkeys, GMO produce, pumpkin pies infiltrated with BPAs and the other "edible stuffs" showcased today on tables across the USA, has me freaked. While killing us slowly with dead "food" is good for business (as are patents , long shelf life, addictive qualities) it is also doing a huge number on our hearts and souls.

How can anyone feel good about themselves when they knowingly are part of the dis-ease. How long can anyone justify, tolerate or otherwise accept those sic old premises, now that the consequences are known? How much $ or fear, does it take to look the other way?

Isn't this set up a crime against humanity? Against life itself?

That T-Day is topped off with loads of "Black Friday" propaganda, designed to goad the stuffed yet ever famished into shopping frenzies, is perfect. Consume my little chickadees, consume!!!

I suspect this is just a plot for some mad science horror show.

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