Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Occupy Everything

Street Jacks for Occupy Seattle, so yes.

Street or Plaza art that has a message just tickles me. Nothing like a great simple poignant, right on target message. Street art, beats Wall Street ads over and over again. So once again the Banksy enabled street art documentary comes to mind. Now on youtube....enjoy.

Exit Through the Gift Shop,

Is Occupy Wall Street the manifestation of the international street arts movement? Both stake claims on public spaces, both are about waking up from the stupor of consumerism and privatization, both give systems as usual conniptions. Both speak to things money can't buy, and some how that relegated the best of us to the scrap pile during systems management and "budget " cuts. Living to create wealth is a major social handicap, I am thrilled that it is being recognized!

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Anonymous said...

love this. i love seeing this in seattle.