Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Trap

bus lanes graffiti

Last Monday, at a bus stop in Tacoma, i chatted with a man on his way to the B & I. He asked if the dragon on my hand was a scorpion, fairly soon we were speaking of other things.

He had recently lost his mom, which changed the direction and tone of the conversation quite radically. We spoke of pain and changes. He told me how he had stopped drinking and was believing in God, not the old skool version, but still a faith thing. I agreed.

Since we had gotten so far so fast, i told him how i had been experimenting with life. That i am following my heart voice and not just the voice of authority that has proven to be so mistaken or worse. (Lies My Teacher Told Me, Loewen) Whatever the intent, that voice has led us into a big, unsustainable mess and continuing that road is crazee, so why not follow "knowing," the voice from our heart core.

Then I told him how my becoming more sure footed on this path, has seemed to attract strange verbal attacks. These "stones" are coming from acquaintances, old friends, family even and I am trying to understand what this is about.

I suspect that denial, "kill the messenger" stuff is going on. I think we want to believe someone/thing is looking out for our well being, I mean that is what we are taught in school, right? So letting people know they have to research the toxic load and question almost everything is huge. It is far easier to deny the responsibility than to acknowledge that our trust has been abused.

That is when he said, "the devil wants to pull you back" Wow, whatever the name given to the reason, that was a message I needed to hear. Thank you, sir, for your voice in my life. You helped me clarify the chaos, to shoulder the pain.

With so much of our time and attention used in navigating the ways and means of the man-made construct, we have forgotten to listen to LIFE. Life shows up when we are aware and willing to hear, see it.

Life wants our attention and that is big, very big indeed. There is so much more going on than the headlines and the skyscrapers and what Sally rides. We really need to shake off the mantle and claim our higher potentials, starting now.

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