Tuesday, May 15, 2012

google wake up!!

This ad on my blog is appalling. Life is a full cycle event, if you want to be pro-life then stop war, consumer toxic events, hierarchical injustice, I mean think critically  for a minute...what does pro-life mean?

In a living universe it is about intelligent proactive design for the better quality of all living things. Human anthropocentric arrogance is a poor excuse for this co-opting of other's bodies, guilting the issue further with these innocent babe photos is cruel. Promoting ignorance that stems from antiquated beliefs is just sad. . ..

We know not our origins. DNA is a set of directions but doesn't work outside of a cellular home (cool like phytochemicals in real food- the sum is more)  However what we know, lets us know we are more than we give ourselves credit to be. In a living universe we expand...in a control freak agenda, nihilism is veiled by "pro-life"  Please!! get off my blog!

Death is when the brain and nerves stop talking and organs quit right? If we accept that definition of death than the opposite reconstruct would be that life begins when the wires are connected. That is around 25 weeks . However we are not machines and guidelines need to be soft edged. Banning abortion is a trick euphemism for taking away the rights of women. (Control)

"FYI ..... there are some 100 billion separate nerve cells in the human brain - which is, by strange coincidence, around the same number as there are thought to be galaxies in the Universe."

So much more!!

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