Sunday, May 6, 2012


 photo taken in Seattle 2007 or so

I am working on the ocean siren dress for the WaterRIp installation. The story was flowing along a sensible course that has recently shifted.

 Like real water,WaterRIP can change direction easily, if and when the concept alters.

I came across a video 3/30/12 with a fluoride, pineal gland and Vatican connection. This was so bizarre and yet so perfectly suited for the next story as well as the installation at hand, i had to go with it. I do not know if fact and fiction are colliding, if truth is taking a sci fi twist into mainstream reality or what?

I did some research and spilled it on my mom as we waited in recovery after her day surgery. A young man who was waiting with another someone across the room, met up with us on the elevator. He looked at me and said he had over heard me talking about fluoride poisoning the public. He said "you are right and there is more. Calcification of the pineal gland, melatonin issues, evidence of artery damage ...." he told me to look up a website, which i can't remember. Anyway the odds of this conversation just happening is remote, i have to think it speaks to "deeper truth." 

I think this is how the universe enters lifestream consciousness; so I pay attention.  The more i honor this practice the more things seem to "happen."

The Pineal Gland was called the third eye in ancient times. Its Latin name is epiphysis, and it is shaped like a tiny pine cone. Mythic Reality swoops over the Court of the Pigne (Vatican) and imagination soars.

Knowing that flouride is still being  added to our public water after there has been concern raised and that other countries have stopped the practice (New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic ..more) makes me wonder why we in USA are still being forcefully "medicated" ?

I wrote the water department and got a reply about how it was voted on to add it to "our" water back in 1968, wow, I mean what we thought in '68 is vastly different from current era thinking.

Formaldahyde , nicotine, asbestos, lead, DDT...all were part of the "living better through chemistry"  campaign of the 30s and on into the 80s. "Scientists estimate that everyone alive today carries within her or his body at least 700 contaminants, most of which have not been well studied" (Body Burden/Come Clean)  ...ok that time is over. I bring this up not to toss out everything but to handle life with care. This seems reasonable. Nature will end our madness if we do not and that is something my proactive philosophy just rails against..the not on my "watch' refrain.

The Earth is a garden and species that don't contribute to the whole get turned into mulch. (B Lipton, loosely quoted from the book Deep Truth)

This feels like a "new" old language to me. Past and present converge like fluttery luna moths, karma and change. As my intellect plays with origins and myth, my heartmind wonders why Roach, Refuzor and epiphysis have surfaced within days of each other. There is meaning, the light beckons, i follow. This must be how trusting the universe shows up. To be continued... 

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