Wednesday, May 16, 2012


photo of WaterRip Skirt

Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical, wow -i am thinking how an ethical monarchy sure  beats a crazed faux democracy.  The US political construct based on a gamers need to compete and win, hinged to the corporate need to grow and dominate is embarassing and is not designed to facilitate full spectrum potential. We are suffering in this delusion.

Brain power in crows is being linked to their social habits. If this migrates into human terms then working together, helping each other succeed, along with empathy, compassion and the realization that we are one big challenging "family" might be considered attributes of higher intelligence.

Oh right, we have this distort of disciplines to keep us from borders for experts makes for ditches, ditches limit sight. Ditches keep birds separate from global warming, war, health care...yup "ya gotta keep em separated." (Offspring -lyrics)

Okay enough with the rant, but sometimes a woman needs to scream out the pollutants. I have been trying to work with people who have "standard"  USA world views. This is a real deterrant to effective group constructs.

 Long story short, those who were brought up under the winner take all paradigm tote around a huge fear package. When a misunderstanding appears the gates are drawn and the spears come out. Too weird for me. Cooperative, collaborative intentions thrive better in conditions that support the idea that we are here to facilitate a "something." We are not here to cause each other harm. Simple no?

In eco fashion NICE is working with the cooperative construct. Together they can and are making a difference.

I am looking for a space to hold workshops if anyone is interested, please email me . We too can design for sums better than parts. Working with other mediums, artists and craftspeople helps build creative capacities...we learn and  teach each other and that is NICE!

Why did my grandmother leave Sweden?

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