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What's Love Got To Do With It? Giad Theory 2

something to crow about
Mind, body spirit (soul)  and chi or vital energy are fairly common interpretational words for the "working parts" of human beings.

I can think of no better way  to describe "us," so will utilize the template.

Just as air (gasses) fire (energy) water and metal (soil and mineral) are classic elements of the physical planet; we humans framed and named what we encountered as a way to help us perceive ourselves and our world. All good, so far;  as by naming something makes it easier to work with and with other humans. This helped us build tribes and villages, communities and kingdoms, nations and giant corporations.

Our curiosity and experimentation poured into knowledge pools and humans were off and running.

Tribes meandered around the globe, and set the stage for creative diversity, which created cultural diversities. It also set the stage for misunderstandings and the rest is history.

The ego's of various cultures mature at different rates just as individual egos develop.Tribal or group well being morphed into individualism and new ideas of justice, hierarchy, esteem, empowerment, selfishness, vanity, envy, empathy, love, curiosity all came with the territory.

These newly stoked ego's encouraged curiosity and experimentation. This advanced technology and allowed some of "us" to take off and see the world. But these "advances" had down sides. Most explorer's were steeped in the lore of the warrior, conqueror, defender and hunter. This meant they often laid waste to anything and everyone they did not understand or see as valuable.

As times changed and the morality of this was questioned, it was often ignored, swept under the rug, justified or contained and disguised in religious and hierarchical set ups. This divided the issues, making it easier to look the other way when convenient.

Stories of riches, wealth, power and privilege spread. The world was here to serve man and winners became adept at taking "all" or as much as they could get away with.

Because this message agrees with some people more than others, they became the most "successful" in this definition they self defined.

Success brought privilege and power and this dictated the choices of persons and groups which colored the culture.  Possibilities seemingly dissipated as beliefs corresponded to the dictates and vision collapsed accordingly.

So now we are at an important crossroads. We can choose to repeat the lesson we have failed to learn over the past 5.000 or so years, throw tantrums and take it all down, or we can change- radically.

History, as written and via artifacts, only goes back so far. However, it goes back far enough to see that certain  patterns have been repeating over and over, for a very long time. These patterns are troublesome because ever lessening possibilities leads to nihilism (no-thing). 

Our changes have been adaptive (new tools, new systems, social adjustments etc) but now the ignorance in our ways is catching up to us -all  of us.

We need to leap or experience the distress that other  "successful species" have endured. This is not necessarily extinction, but it is a waste. I do not think that this is acceptable behavior and since we can change it, we should.

Certain groups believe killing off populations is the key- witness the past, present. However that is not a wise course, that is -as ever (?)- a temporary solution and it is really, really wrong. We know this, deep down, OK-  psychopaths are perhaps exempt, but if we know something and fail to respond, then our lesser selves are in "control" of outcomes, seriously?

OK so how do we change?  "I leap and don't fly..i already tried this," true, not that simple.

But change the belief and frame it anew, experiment one step at a time and see what unfolds.

See, the cool thing is, we really know how to do this! We are an evolving species. We "get" the concept of creative leaps and quantum and/or evolutionary leaps are as in kind, we are wired for this.

(I think it is hidden under layers of new information, education, traditions, beliefs, emotional detours, but still it is there. Somewhere or manywheres, perhaps in the limbic system and/or basal ganglia (?) it lies dormant until sparked. Anyway once we believe we are able to consciously choose to become "more" we are halfway there.

Body, mind, spirit, chi, metal, air, fire, water-  all are as one when we see from another level. Picture the iconic astronauts view of planet Earth (beyond really, but this is good start)

We also know, via quantum physics that everything is more energy than matter. (particles or the manifestation of choice that collapses the wave)  Energy hums, vibrates with different frequencies and we understand its physical apps much more than else, the else is the new frontier and it is here, on this planet, now. We are here to synthesize all the knowledge we have and utilize it the best we are able, this is an ongoing journey and it is one with life.

Consciousness is the thread that holds all of this (more) together and consciousness expands or contracts with our beliefs. We are in an interactive uni-verse: how cool is this?

We see "choices" from the level of our beliefs. This means that the amount of choice we perceive is either limited or expanded by beliefs. This plays into the saying, "whether you believe you can, or can't, you are right." ( H. Ford, everyone gets some things right)

Knowledge is our tool for expanding consciousness However, when knowledge is misguided via a false belief, we repeat until we get the lesson and change the belief. This is usually aimed at the individual in psychology but manifests in social, cultural systems as well. (One of those patterns i keep harping about!)

But why, why bother, why does it matter if we leap or whither?

Gaia Rhythm is why. Gaia Rhythm is the energy flow of the new feminine archetype and she cares, she REALLY CARES! ( this is about balancing the fem/masc in selves and culture, not part of that old "war" between the sexes)

I believe we are born to vibrate with the energy of love, with joy, with"aha" moments of discovery. This is how we resonate with god/gaia (aka Giad) and we do this because we are born wired to respond intrinsically with the whole. We need to individuate to be the most glorious, healthy self we can be so we can expand the glory, the health of whole.This is who we are. This flattens and tangles hierarchies, this is being and doing at a human level that acknowledges the gift in everyone.

(i have research and experience to back this concept up. One recent article on Philly schools where dropping the bars dropped the violence- is a current fave)

I think this is a far better story.

This means we have to write, tell, sing, illustrate, dance and share the new story in many ways. All formats are needed to help us re-imagine life based on what we know NOW and create new beliefs.

This is where process, thoughts, actions and what we manifest matters, this is where it all starts to align. This is a design for dynamic changes, a way to get "life" back into life. Because frankly, i don't want us to blow it, not this round, not the next.

Love says there is more than meets the eye, and Gaiad Theory says yes to love, yes to healing and the new journey.  Yes to exploring and experimenting with the new paradigm. Yes to our truer natures, to becoming one and one of the many. Yes to an amazing new adventure.


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