Sunday, November 10, 2013

Transformation is Interactive

I have uplifting emails sent to me via various groups, Upworthy, DailyGood, Humanity's Team and the like. This is an excerpt from H Team.

A Vision for Oneness
We envision a world where we understand on an individual level that we are all truly One at the higher levels of consciousness. This vision allows each of us to realize that even though we may appear to be separate from each other in a physical sense, in ultimate reality everything in existence is made up of Source Energy that is in relationship to and interacts with all of life “ from

MY take:
Over consciousness- is extreme energy with a more that is as yet not understood. We are all in process towards ever more understanding. This is evolution.

When engaged in process, our questions seek answers at the level of our awareness and are answered in kind. As we learn from our queries, our “mistakes” our experiments and explorations; our personal consciousness expands, responding to new knowledge.  

When we actively embrace the path of “who we are as individuals” more is revealed and so it goes, spiraling up into ever more possibilities and more questions, more answers, until one shifts and suddenly life is revealed in a totally new and unexpected way. 

Like a view from a mountaintop, one starts to“see” the cohesion, the connections and relationships, the colors, music and diversity, the amazing tapestry, this flow and dance in the whole of “life from mountain high.” And in the midst of this rejoicing, the clouds lift and the next mountain peak glows in the light. 
This is a peak moment! Celebrate 

The flip side occurs when the whole of possibilities are trapped in perceived probabilities that "limit" choices. 

This obstruction, this constipation of thought, occurs in individuals, in groups, fields, governments and professions and usually results in distress, then dis-ease and if not appropriately treated will kill  it's host. It seems to me that many of us have been taught to build quasi empires from foundations that no longer support even the half truths that we (collectively) fooled ourselves into accepting.

This linear focus, this progression that seeks outward reward,  has often resulted in insular models that self reflect. (think how language, custom, professionalism, gatekeepers and other controls that support hierarchy, function) These self imposed walls, these barriers, might be seen as a form of myopia or “tunnel vision.”

And in these tunnels, choices appear to whither because they are not even seen!  The deeper we dig into this old paradigm the less we "see." Eventually controls are activated and then either a healthier state results or a super dis-ease manifests. However, since tunnels eventually collapse, we have got to escape the delusion once a for all; we have got to risk paradigm change, to take the imaginative, quantum, evolutionary leap and see life "anew,"

Dis-ease here is anything that throws off the synergy of the whole. It is a signal to adapt and change –which can be good even when it feels bad!  Depending on the acclimation of the whole –think evolution - we have this great ability to move on.
In the past when dis–ease went running amuck, humans have done their best to stay out of its way or have applied potions and lotions to ease the symptoms and hopefully cure and restore the balance.  Western medicine has often warred against dis-ease which is another story. Anyway, if humans are not up to the task, Nature will step in to balance systems. 

That means death is part of the cycle, (in many forms) no matter what! Life process and Gaia Rhythm outweigh ego. Remember, this is process orientation and LOVE is the reality that sustains it, but I am getting ahead of myself. 

The uni-verse, the Gaiad, the embracing over consciousness, God  (names are words of convenience, right?) Source etc- is interactive, moving, vibrant, infinite (?) This is as a vibration, a song,  a dance of joy and appreciation. this is what wells up in our hearts, souls, minds and breaks through our sense of self as it soars into the whole of energy, into the whole of consciousness.

Relationships matter:
Like an amazing hologram of myriad intricate parts, all observable at once, the vision is magnificent; but when each part is appreciated individually, the entire glow is magnified.

When words are applied to thoughts we are utilizing our senses and that creates energy emphasis.  When we gather together, we concentrate more energy and are better able to appreciate the sum of the whole and all the parts. This understanding of the whole being more than the sum isn’t math, nor is it yet “science” and yet quantum physics and Gaia Theory align with this juxtapose of equilibrium.  

(Gaia Rhythm is the heartbeat of the theory and is a phrase I apply to the very essence of how we feel life and resonate with the energy of the whole and the self at once, i feel and think therefore i am)

Relativity matters:
So though we try to avoid pain and suffering, it is often such that during calamitous situations, we learn, awaken and change. Aka when we are pushed from comfort we cave in and/or activate change.  This is as much a part of life as the celebrations and the joy filled moments. 

However we (western) humans have a history of short term fixes. We apply them to stave off  "wrongness" and to justify ideology, arrogance and ignorance. This has often resulted in interferences with nature; in clumsy attempts to “conquer” and harness her for "our"own use, pleasure and power.  Now we are wiser, now we have the tools to leap in good faith. 

So why are we so Not Leaping? Have we been mesmerized by stories of deus ex machina, -that Waiting for Godot thing, or mythic hero savior stories like David and Batman? Or have we so adapted to blinders, that we truly fail to notice the consequences of past and current ignorance?

Whatever the reasons that our delusions have us entranced, new stories will break the spells. (Stories got us "here" right?) Journey to the Center of Being: Part One of the Isa and Lucas Love Story is one of those new stories.  

Trying to launch Love on the Sea of Distrust, where the Technology Godot has sailors bowing to Ego in sheltered pews; is "interesting." This blog will continue reporting the journey. Bringing a story to life is a co creative version of "birthing" where gestation and prepping for the new arrival has a time of its own. 

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