Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rebels Get It

That Horse of a Different Color

Rebels feel it. Rebels "know" they are having their lives stolen out from under them by a world that doesn't get "it." Though many who are fighting back, do not know what or who they are against, beyond grand swaths like "the establishment," they know enough to take a stand. They know being human is more than this shabby excuse of a system's game that we are so vigorously taught to protect and enable.

Rebels see beyond the frame and are here to crack the stupor of status quo. They become the heroes we will later tell stories about; after the face saving, justifications and rewrites are ready to roll.

This is not cool, so why continue it? (I can supply some reasons: the Yale Club secret societies where getting one over on others serves as a blackmail loyalty device, other forms of bro loyalty that come  from warfare ethos, the good people syndrome -we are good people so we must be doing the "right thing." from The Leaderless Revolution.- feel free to add more!)

Most people do not realize they are being force fed these mere ideas. The abstract world of logos became ever more "meaningful and real"  the longer humans nurtured the concept. However words are an abstraction of "life" (from The Spell of the Sensuous)  in and of themselves.  Reasoning is but one form of intelligent pursuit and therefore all our castles are built of air and arrogance. This is ok. This got us to here and look at what we have learned. Now we need to let go of the stuff that is working against our new sum knowledge, and see where we can go next!

I have great faith that we are capable and able to do this great leap of paradigm!

I know that utilizing this vast sum of knowledge gets a bit difficult as we have been trained to become "big fish in small pools" or rather heads of departments, experts, and other terms for a mini kingdom turfing that looks a lot like systems in the animal world of which we so think we are "above." Thus the convenience of hierarchy! Thus also the the problem! When you believe  you are "on top,"  you fear losing that "place." When threatened it is time to call out the troops, dig in one's heels, fight to the death-ergo Armageddon - a prophecy where we all fall down.

Round and Round. Unless we learn and move toward a better destiny.

All the new toys, tools and colors, new styles and formats all signify progress, or so we are told. This takes our minds off the "not progress" that is eating everything in its path. This idea of turning people into machines and machines into people is all so backwards, so archaic and yet the pursuit continues, Why?

So the winners who take all can prevail as the living dead they have already become? (half dead as in not awake to fully be a human being, as in duped by the beliefs of the system doing the dupe) Round and Round.

When health, relationships, trust, natural, grounding ecosystems that support life, diversity and possibilities are being harmed in the pursuit of this so called progress we have got to question the whole set up! All the myths, stories, the "facts" we are taught, the data that is not used, the dreams and the choices we is time for a great unveiling.

Rebels say what's the purpose? Rebels say "enough." Rebels get educated and tell new stories, light the next path and pioneer the new beliefs. Love your rebels, they shake out the new possibilities.

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