Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Creative Field

magickal dancers
(photos, photoshop, love and inspiration)

Creative Individualism expands the whole of the Creative Field, in other words everyone’s gift matters. Now we have to find ways to appreciate and celebrate this abundance.

Everyone’s gift is an expression of life’s diversity and that is what stimulates evolutional flow. When only a few gifts are deemed valuable, the life energy of a people, group, nation or planet is channeled and or forced into a narrow pipe. Much is left out.

As the pipekeepers are steeped in the ideology of the system, they rarely stop to question its impact. Instead they are taught to believe that everything that flows out of the small pipe contains the best of human endeavor. It is stamped as progress and goes into the next even narrower pipe because we utilize what worked before and build on that information. That would not be so bad if the foundation was sound. That is not the case. Therefore the mainstream flow is gathering ever less from the creative field, by choosing from a shrinking perspective. 

Thus scarcity, fear and power are maintained, the creative environment is controlled to meet the values, standards and stories of the system. This idea hierarchy is a form of inbreeding and we already know how dangerous it is to biological , physically manifested “beings.  Most cultures got that one right.

But humans often fail to see patterns that cross the manmade, abstract and artificial borders. Therefore the pattern gets repeated throughout the systems we actualize.  Our groups, organizations, disciplines, parties, businesses, schools - all are marinated in “the way it is.” The artificial construct blocks our abilities to observe the whole of all that is possible. As we continue to select from the narrowing pipeline, choosing what works in the narrow vision we continue to narrow the vision.

“What we appreciate, appreciates. “
“Rather than look at the unanswered questions, we need to look at the unquestioned answers.”  (Lynn Twist)
The questioners, the rebels, outliers, the evolutionaries and the misunderstood, the genius of other,-all of this overflow, floods the plains, drains into swamps, evaporates or collects to form into new channels. So far many of the new flows are trying to compete with, challenge or crash the walls of the old paradigms. So far these revolutionary rivers have made a difference in the pipekeepers, but not in the idea of pipes. (Consider that flood plains create rich soils, swamps nurture species diversity, and evaporation is part of the water cycle – all good things! And all once not seen as valuable to the  mainstream)

That is an issue. 

How do we break free from false belief build up? How do we actualize from the more of possibility? How do we embrace the whole of life?  We cannot outrun fear or ignorance, both need to be faced.

Gaiad Theory is an attempt to address these issues and more, as it is not only possible, it is do-able and relevant. It is a way to visualize how healing and expanding our vision will transform the world. It is a leap from the hierarchical mainstream, a break out from the tiny pipe; it is a swim in abundance. It is an act of love.  It is the power of vulnerability.

Next! Examples of Potential to the Whole on a fashion model, then in an architectural frame.


Kevino said...

Conscious creation begins entry into seeing how things are, for you. As such it is very useful. Art is freeing.

Kevino said...