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Minotaur to Wall Street and the BS in Between


 Notice the power trip!
Greek phallic symbology is well recognized.
Where do you think the idea for the Washington Monument comes from?
As for fashion, check out the stylish asymmetrical leopard skin corset on "the hero."
Since large feline predators were a mutual fear, this garment shrieks "victor."

I have been playing with a new mythic deconstruction, ever since I learned that the CIA was connected to Wall Street  shortly after it was created. The following is an organic history lesson, as the familiar linear timeline is pleasing, but leads to many false interpretations that become beliefs, that influence our choices. 

Might this be a clue to what i am calling our collective cultural dis-ease? Perhaps.

These days, billions of taxpayer dollars are disappearing into secret labyrinths.  Multiple secret service, intelligence agencies, NSA, CIA, Spy vs Spy, et al,
have blossomed in recent years. They are so very secrtive that many governmentals do not, cannot, dare not go. Since Wall Street is known for its big, bronze, charging bull, this story started writing itself.
"For most of the 1920 and ’30s, Dulles worked with his brother at the Wall Street law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell. He often took extended foreign trips, and the letters he wrote home to Clover were full of references to other women that could at best be read as insensitive, at worst as taunting."

Clover was his wife.  This is for character reference.

And from Wiklipedia;

"The Dulles brothers and James Forrestal helped form the Office of Policy Coordination. In 1953, Dulles became the first civilian CIA director.

The Agency's covert operations were an important part of the Eisenhower administration's new Cold War national security policy known as the "New Look". Under Dulles' direction, the CIA created MK-Ultra, a top secret mind control research project which was managed by Sidney Gottlieb. Dulles also personally oversaw Operation Mockingbird, a program which influenced foreign and domestic media companies."

Forrestal was another kind of special, his wife became an alcoholic with mental conditions. It is good to know the roots of power. I find beginnings useful, as they are foundations for the constructs we have today.

"By some accounts, Forrestal was a compulsive workaholic, skilled administrator, pugnacious, introspective, shy, philosophic, solitary, and emotionally insecure"

Just the kind of fellas you want working on mind control and espionage!

Now the Minotaur comes from another kind of story. In this Greek myth, Poseidon sends Minos, the King of Crete, a snow white bull to be sacrificed.  Poseidon is the ancient god of rivers, seas and horses. (So why the bull?) Anyway, Minos doesn’t kill the bull which angers Poseidon. To get even, Poseidon  arranges for Mino’s wife and the bull, to fall for each other. The Minotaur - a bull headed man -is their child. It gets better.

Anyway, this poor lonely Minotaur was forced to live in a labyrinth and every year or nine (story varies) seven Athenian youth were sacrificed, until the "hero" arrived and killed the "beastly problem."

(A classic male archetype hero’s journey, from concept in the works of J Campbell )

Looks to me like Poseidon created a big problem and then just walked. The hapless children of this act of revenge were left to pay the price. This appears to be a case of an outrageous (immature) ego with a lack of responsibility. What kind of god is this?

Well the last big Bull Market was created by telling the public that to keep up with inflation; they should invest (throw some discretionary monies, aka "sacrificial" earnings) into Wall Street stocks, bonds, and the ubiquitous mutual funds. The media, financial advisers, business journals all chimed in to inform the public of this "fact." (Few realized that the one hand -the Federal Reserve-was very much connected to the private banking system that had a whole lot riding on the other hand-Wall Street.  If this sounds like incest..maybe it is)

All this energy pumped the market up to a big false high, that, like all highs, is not sustainable. It crashed (the Flash Crash of 2010) and left the public with a hell of a hangover.

I believe very few people realized that they were building the bomb that blew away their financial resources.  They didn't realize they were contributing to the mega corporate beast that would be forever hungry, always needing to grow, devour and expand its wealth making agendas. (This, because the bank system is like a game of musical chairs, some have to lose to make up for the interest that comes from "thin air or what is called "interest" aka money created by debt." This is where the "losers" come in.)  Growth is how corporations try to out run their fear of losing, amusingly called progress.)

With size comes power and with power more demands are made and met. This creates more lobbyists, more pushers of consumption and fear, more deregulation, more subsidies, more - you know, all the stuff bull-ies tend to do!

And when Wall Street crashed in 2010, like Poseidon, it too just basically shrugged and walked away.  As Wall Street is not a person but a system, like the gods, it has a terrific edge. The throw away line from many spokespersons was; "the public, the investors should have known better."


That the Bronze Bull on Wall Street might be a modern "grown up" Golden Calf is an amusing thought. It puts a grin on my face, irony just rocks.

PS: For the record, the term grown up is used loosely and does not imply maturity, wisdom or anything in kind. As i am all playing with evolutionary ideas and species maturity, pointing out possible memes that have translated across the ages, is a friendly nudge to wonder and question how the "real world" became "real." It's great for brain stimulation, plasticity, cell growth all that cool "new" stuff. Oh and i use " " because these words are like double edged swords that need careful handling, relativity my dear.

"A historical explanation of the myth refers to the time when Crete was the main political and cultural potency in the Aegean Sea. As the fledgling Athens (and probably other continental Greek cities) was under tribute to Crete, it can be assumed that such tribute included young men and women for sacrifice. This ceremony was performed by a priest disguised with a bull head or mask, thus explaining the imagery of the Minotaur. It may also be that this priest was son to Minos. Once continental Greece was free from Crete's dominance, the myth of the Minotaur worked to distance the forming religious consciousness of the Hellene poleis from Minoan beliefs."

This was copied from InfoFacts blog and totally sets up my next post. Thank you!

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