Saturday, January 18, 2014

Housing Bubble 2007-2008

print transfer on sheer nylon scanned and posterized

In the previous post (Wall Street to Minotaur)  i erred on a crash.  The Flash Crash happened in 2010 (the tech logarithm aka  computer in charge- error crash) I misinterpreted search results after i couldn't find any articles on the housing crash that happened in Seattle a few years prior.. I am still confused as to why i came up blank on that search for the housing bubble crash- perhaps history rewrites take more time than expected. :-)  Saving face, justifying systems and propping up the status quo  must be a full time job!

A friend of mine -Cindy- who is connected to the public bank initiative, set me straight. (This group is great, taught me a lot about the economic truth and why what doesn't make sense continues to be delivered as "sensible.")

" About your minotaur to wall street.  I think that it has merit.  As you say, we often dismiss the past and myth goes back a long way.  We are distracted and are discouraged by our culture into looking at our deepest archetypes and our history.  Often history is white washed and changed to fit what the powers that be want us to think.  Because the real meaning and nitty gritty of history is censored, it is dull and boring.  I think your ties of the minotaur to Wall Street is good.  Heavens, we are sacrificing our children to the gods of Wall Street and the wealthy!  My one correction would be that the Housing bubble crash occurred in 2007 – 2008. "

I apologize for this mistake and will follow my hunches through more diligently from now on. As for the complementary review..i am not apologetic at all...i am joyfully appreciative!

PS: after publishing i noticed ad links all over this page. Hey thanx Blogspot for wrecking another platform. This is further proof that the system needs to evolve. It kills its own golden egg laying geese, doing it faster and "better" all the time ...duh think!! 
The real links are under  the public banking initiative and tech logarithm aka computer in charge. The rest are pure vermin.
PPS: fixed the issue..was annoying accidental plug in ...unplugged it!

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