Saturday, February 8, 2014


 ReFashion and Sustainability -partners in fashion futures 
& so not the dirty , sweatshop "progress" of the old world

 University of Washington Bookstore has great taste and terrific employees. 
Support local and we all rise together.

These new books at UW Bookstore prompted me to start pulling at the threads i will need to weave an opening design on something that now appears so obvious that i cannot imagine how i didn't like bump into it months, years ago!! This is the way the "reality" of what is possible shifts when you choose to see another, better "reality." The suddenness can take a long while and that is perplexing yet is where the faith kicks in, so makes another kind of sense.

Earlier that day, I had a great conversation on some of the Bible issues that have bothered me -what with the myth  deconstructing and all- this stuff jumps up and bites.

The greatest thing emerged and i was validated by a "man of the cloth," this was so validating. So wow, someone gets me and that some one wants to continue the conversation. Date and time have been put on calendar.

Then i went to browse the books and saw titles that revived my sparks for reFashion. The fire had been doused with the closing of the Kerf Gallery and was further damped after the Seattle Community College Continuing Education Course manager told me "no one was interested" in these kind of classes.

The school is pushing  big business plug ins, as in deeper tunneling into the current mainstream vision -so leaping is probably not on their radar.

But these books, full of  people and design companies i met during my trips to London, made me happy! Here is further proof of common goals and supportive community working to manifest a new way of thinking!  tThere it is , right there...and it hit me.

Project Talent Hub has been reignited. The Serendipity Trail is now unfolding (unfurling as i wrote to a key person minutes ago today)

I think i hear the uni-verse hum. More will follow, as the lyrics emerge.

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