Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Delivered

Early morning thought:

When Love crashes into Fear and Love embraces Fear and murmurs "everything is ok, we can meet this together head on all snarls and hugs, all "want yous and run aways"  does this open the door to home, is this what it takes to fill the hole in many a soul?  I am not sure, but i think the answer is Yes.

This is what i have found -after 2 marriages and many semi intimate relationships later. There is no safety chain in love, for that comfort edge is a construct of control. It feels safe, but it’s a stall.

When fear equals the love in a sexual relationship, then perhaps that is the meeting of star to star, starmates are not  soulmates, they are more.
When the energy with eros is confusing, complex, driven and fear ridden,  is this the emotion of the mystery we are daring now to face? Is this the new face of love, equal archetype powered, always shifting, open and curious, always ready to cover each other’s back and to call each other out. When we are trapped, stuck or mystified are we ready to show that vulnerable being to another so that we all heal together?  Are we ready?
This emotional crash isn't easy, is not that comfortable, "safe"  haven we think we want. This feeling goes past the cozy, reflective self, the list partner, this forces a dive into the abyss of change and transformation, because it is that scary. Old instincts say, "turn and run like "hell" and risk says. "reach out and embrace that person, they are the fear/love collision that will smack you into unity, they will crack you open, enable your soar.

This emotion pushes your soft spots and jabs your buttons. This is the best way i can describe the amazing journey i have been experiencing.  Being cracked open forced me to go into the center of being- and gave the Isa journey story a title
If that isn't a gift of love ...what is?

Pleasing the other, playing the roles, reading the advice from the divide, aka how to catch a man/woman, how to get the attention, the "love" sought from the "other," all of this is old paradigm and will continue an old story. Though the adaptions are myriad and called progressive, evolutionary leaps  are more strenuous and easy at once!

Until the  "other" is intrinsically the you, until you see the sides and respond to the whole of another's being, the tawdry, the what the fucks, the sweet, the dumb, the endearing, the weak chin, the tummy,  the eyes that transport, the heart beating and running away, the final heart beat, the beauty of  "endings," until this makes sense; i suspect we are just toying with life and love and not accepting the full responsibility.

The old patterns are resulting in such devastation; to planet, health, relationships, sanity, there is no way i am buying that sell.The new story evolves after the ashes fall from the sky and the horizon clears.  You see and feel the breath of the answer and you know your heart understood all along.

So the old think stinks, and the new ones are most def="scary" and so far "unproven" in the old format, however under quantum physics all that changed about a century ago!

The Trailblazers always risk the most- God love 'em,  Gaid nurture them, we are going to get past this bump. God embraces Gaia and life inherited consciousness and the energy to be in the experience of the consciousness. How cool is that?

So co- creative love is a next response concept. I believe it will push us away from fake security and rock us, hurt us and catapult us into potential. It is what i am finding to be true. The experiment continues.

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