Monday, February 25, 2008

Pretty Parlor

The Pretty Parlor on Capital Hill (Olive near Summit) is a delight of a shop. Is it the stock, the decor, the people, Vince the cat, the ambiance? Yes!
I had planned to do a slideshow of behind the scenes design studio shots where they create fabulous restyled one of a kind designs. Then mix it up with store proper photos, starring the vintage collection Alas, my battery died. and the replacement all nicely charged was left at home.

Oh gee, I have to go back and try again. I think it is probably serendipity at work and the best slideshow will be posted next week. If you are not the patient type go to The Pretty Parlor for a look-see yourself I suggest the number 8 or the number 43 bus as they stop Right There! However one can find a place to park on the side streets near the Parlor. Go, Enjoy and be sure to say hello!

Then return here for the really snazzy slideshow!

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