Saturday, February 23, 2008

Recycle is Good, Right?

At this stage of the Madness yes.
I like many thought that recycling was the answer and that all would be well.

Yet a small rip in the plan turned into a gaping hole as each transition of a product takes energy (resources) to move it and/or repurpose and repackage it Have we glibly hooked into second tier madness?

Yup! we just started building another Monster.

Oh NO - now this Monster generates new companies, new workers new "dependents" with vested interests just like the old one' It too is shielded and promoted, lifted onto a pedestal and gains the power to control policies.

And this new Monster is dependent on the old Monster.

Trashed Again!

Solutions need to look at the whole interrelated eco system of the entire planet, all life and all resources. Humans can't wipe out everything and expect to live. That this runs counter to the agenda of the consumer driven capitalist notion of "what we do," tough! Let's grow up and get a stake in new reality.

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