Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So What's the Point?

The USA with 5% of the total world population is gobbling up 23% of it's resources.

On the average each good US citizens uses more than four times the amount of energy, nearly three times the water and we each produce twice the trash and five times the amount of carbon dioxide than worldwide per person averages. (Buncombe, Andrew. The Independent World Oct 11 2006.UK )

We imported $94,722,291,000 in clothing and textiles last year according to World Data and X amount ends up dumped or recycled within a few years, with energy costs all around


Here in the USA we are using up natural resources to import resin bears and drive Hummers, make calorie rich, nutrition poor foodstuffs and drugs to cure us of the consequences. We are promoters of the fashion moment and the extravagant excess. We are in denial of science and compounded logic. We appear to love our illusions more than our children. Or worse, we want to be eco friendly and elitist.

These people are difficult to care about and that my friends, is the point.

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