Monday, August 16, 2010

Eco Green or $ Green?

London Eco Design Fair 6/09
sparks memories of my first public speaking gig
It is hard to evaluate real progress in the sustainable movement. Product "greening" and groups organizing around "buy local" are popping up and this appears to be a positive. Then again the "safe" ground these companies and non-profits are starting to build on came at the expense of the early risk takers; those who saw the light a long time ago -the pioneers.
Early USA pioneers trekked out into the wilds to homestead. They built up the land to where the Railroad Men and the Bankers could safely follow and provide services. Not that the services were a bad thing, but why was the smaller risk of capital tied to a better reward system than the larger risk of life and limb?

The innovators of history, science and art are often left out of the economics accounting; as their worth is beyond the scope of the current measurements.

This is wrong on so many levels!

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