Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Working With Nature

not against nature"...is a pull quote from the PBS airing of "The Botany of Desire" a great video that explores how the apple migrated, how the tulip crashed and how nurturing for THC causes female sexual frustration in uber hemp. The Irish potato famine juxtaposed against the thriving bio diversity of Peruvian potatoes is a lesson we needn't repeat. Consumer driven markets (misnomer when subsidies and media generated needs are stirred into the mix) won't drive us out of the problems it creates.

Driving into perfect storms, hoping expensive technology will remain a step ahead of disaster, is not economically, socially or environmentally sound. The web of life and our place in that interactive, connected and very beautiful play of energy and consciousness allows for so much more. Why are we afraid to go there?

PS "Working with nature" has been part of this blog's mantra. Validation rocks! Thank you Michael Pollan. That phrase may actually be part of the overconsciousness now- aka the creative birthing process in action.

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