Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Open Breath

Desert dusk in AZ

Life is in a symbiotic relationship with the life force.

Right now I am thinking that this is profound. It has lasted 2 days in my noggin, so it's time to let it loose.
Serendipity, synchronicity, reciprococity, the energy of thought and the vibrant awakening to the whole as a sum of connections and relationships; the power in being and the super power of allowing for no power...yup.

The hard part is knowing when to act and when to shut up and listen to the voice of the universe; to have faith in the process and the journey. To know that others are showing up and that interactions and connections will help guide you, as you guide others; the real bugger is letting go of the fear, to allow for chance and possibility, to understand that control is short term and problematical and that fear gets in the way of many good things.

fashionRIP Project is an outward expression of that process.
With a nod to FDR "the only thing to fear is fear itself" I practice to push fear away and see instead through the eyes of Love. Its an ongoing experiment and practice.

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