Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fashion is a Biz

archival collage of '04

PBS early morning world vision (Sat.28) aired a Social Business Symposium that featured an intro by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and patron of The Social Business Tour 2010.
Current economic ideas that have created global corporate "bullies" are based on the selfish motive of making life better for "me." This exploitative model is very shortsighted and doesn't take into account the resources, ecosystem health nor sustainability of healthy infrastructures that are needed to support them.

Professor Yunus stated that humans are both "selfish and selfless" and that our economic structure does not observe the selfless part of our beingness.

The necessity of caring for the whole is paramount to our species very survival. We have the tools for mass destruction as well as the technology that can wipe out poverty and create a planet of healthier balances.. We do not know all the answers to the problems but as Prof. Yunus says, we will solve those problems as we go.

A man of insight, intelligence, wisdom and action; a man of heart and courage, a man that is wlling to call the king naked and dares us all to act in the positve spirit of our true natures.

Everyone taking part in the social business movement deserves great applause and support. Thank you!!!!!

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