Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fashion is a Biz

archival collage of '04

PBS early morning world vision (Sat.28) aired a Social Business Symposium that featured an intro by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and patron of The Social Business Tour 2010.
Current economic ideas that have created global corporate "bullies" are based on the selfish motive of making life better for "me." This exploitative model is very shortsighted and doesn't take into account the resources, ecosystem health nor sustainability of healthy infrastructures that are needed to support them.

Professor Yunus stated that humans are both "selfish and selfless" and that our economic structure does not observe the selfless part of our beingness.

The necessity of caring for the whole is paramount to our species very survival. We have the tools for mass destruction as well as the technology that can wipe out poverty and create a planet of healthier balances.. We do not know all the answers to the problems but as Prof. Yunus says, we will solve those problems as we go.

A man of insight, intelligence, wisdom and action; a man of heart and courage, a man that is wlling to call the king naked and dares us all to act in the positve spirit of our true natures.

Everyone taking part in the social business movement deserves great applause and support. Thank you!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Open Breath

Desert dusk in AZ

Life is in a symbiotic relationship with the life force.

Right now I am thinking that this is profound. It has lasted 2 days in my noggin, so it's time to let it loose.
Serendipity, synchronicity, reciprococity, the energy of thought and the vibrant awakening to the whole as a sum of connections and relationships; the power in being and the super power of allowing for no power...yup.

The hard part is knowing when to act and when to shut up and listen to the voice of the universe; to have faith in the process and the journey. To know that others are showing up and that interactions and connections will help guide you, as you guide others; the real bugger is letting go of the fear, to allow for chance and possibility, to understand that control is short term and problematical and that fear gets in the way of many good things.

fashionRIP Project is an outward expression of that process.
With a nod to FDR "the only thing to fear is fear itself" I practice to push fear away and see instead through the eyes of Love. Its an ongoing experiment and practice.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New ReDo

I had this coat border around awhile. I patched over a painted design I decided to un-love and then realized it was the coat itself I disliked. So I cut off the best of it, added a stretch pant top that was cut from some old britches and in the middle a hem cut from an alteration.

What I like are the buttons down the back. What I don't like is me trying to take the photo. I should use the timer and a tripod but what nuisance, all that set up production ..... This is probably a techNO piece just because ...:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Banksy Praised

This art graffiti was shot at 50th and Roosevelt in Seattle. It is very early Banksy -esque (UK).

It is an ode, perhaps a salute but no matter, it is definitely a reminder of how what we do, can and will, influence the world. So do what is right and authentic for yourself and others and remember that You Are!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Community Owned Biz

tee shirt reDux workshop sampler

Who knew?
"Throughout the nation, in a movement too small to be called a trend, engaged community members are organizing themselves in new ways to become community entrepreneurs. Often motivated more by mission than capitalistic ambition, community groups are opening new businesses."
From Main Street Business By Joshua Bloom From Main Street News March/April 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Eco Green or $ Green?

London Eco Design Fair 6/09
sparks memories of my first public speaking gig
It is hard to evaluate real progress in the sustainable movement. Product "greening" and groups organizing around "buy local" are popping up and this appears to be a positive. Then again the "safe" ground these companies and non-profits are starting to build on came at the expense of the early risk takers; those who saw the light a long time ago -the pioneers.
Early USA pioneers trekked out into the wilds to homestead. They built up the land to where the Railroad Men and the Bankers could safely follow and provide services. Not that the services were a bad thing, but why was the smaller risk of capital tied to a better reward system than the larger risk of life and limb?

The innovators of history, science and art are often left out of the economics accounting; as their worth is beyond the scope of the current measurements.

This is wrong on so many levels!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Droid Ad

R2 D2 stuck in loop

Heard an ad for the Droid on the radio this A.M, promising the user will be as efficient as a machine. Now what is wrong with wanting to be machine-like?
A lot! be cont. .......TechNO Answer/fashionRIP Project
( Bumbershoot entry at Fashion Ethos on hold by the machines)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Green Film Festival

hello, hello, anybody there...only nobody answers

The San Francisco Green Film Festival is the first of its least in USA ...well that i am aware of.

That it now exists, is proof of the turning.

I entered "Species on the Verge" yesterday, a bit of a magical Friday 13th and feel really good that finally there is a place that might understand and appreciate the fashionRIP Project videos.

Psyched i am!

Is there time to do "Water RIPd" or "TechNO answer' videos? Want to help?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Window Fashion as Art

Terrabella Flowers and Mercantile, in Greenwood
Hoping to win an empty storefront window to display a "Species on the Verge" installation (short budget version as no video will roll because the tech i'ld need would put the win in the red)

The iconic fashion display in retail is so everywhere that turning it around to nip at it's own tail, is sweet.

Recycouture as a statement goes way beyond re-use. This display puts clothing into the context of how it supports and/or inhibits our lives and lifestyles. Design is very much a part of the cultural, social, economic and political history of nations. It has generated advances in technology, chemistry, transportation, marketing, more; it deserves a little respect, attention and a nice storefront window.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Working With Nature

not against nature" a pull quote from the PBS airing of "The Botany of Desire" a great video that explores how the apple migrated, how the tulip crashed and how nurturing for THC causes female sexual frustration in uber hemp. The Irish potato famine juxtaposed against the thriving bio diversity of Peruvian potatoes is a lesson we needn't repeat. Consumer driven markets (misnomer when subsidies and media generated needs are stirred into the mix) won't drive us out of the problems it creates.

Driving into perfect storms, hoping expensive technology will remain a step ahead of disaster, is not economically, socially or environmentally sound. The web of life and our place in that interactive, connected and very beautiful play of energy and consciousness allows for so much more. Why are we afraid to go there?

PS "Working with nature" has been part of this blog's mantra. Validation rocks! Thank you Michael Pollan. That phrase may actually be part of the overconsciousness now- aka the creative birthing process in action.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


ped-e -stal
watercolor and ink drawing circa 1998
Our Bodies, Our Stilettos is an article posted by BUST magazine that is commentary and query on the western fashionista and the shoes she buys and or wears! (not always the same thing)

Please read the comments; from burkas to the power of tallness, readers respond from different windows that frame the view of fashion.

And back in the day, weren't stilettos also a term for fancy shivs? That is quirky, creepy on its own.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Toxic Tales

" Today, Annie and Stacy Malkan from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics have a blog up on Huffington Post explaining why we made The Story of Cosmetics and why chemical policy reform is urgently needed.
You can spread the word by checking out their blog post, offering a comment in support and posting a link to Huffington Post or The Story of Cosmetics site on your Facebook or Twitter.
If you haven't seen the film yet, today ought to be the day. Please take a few minutes and watch The Story of Cosmetics and then take action to support the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010.
Annie, Michael, Renee, Christina, and Allison
The Story of Stuff Project Team"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rock Cafe T skirt.

Here is the actual garment.

After the photos I took in the band a bit. Made to fit waist or hip, it was a sliding risk; the re-do will make the pocket easier, safer to use and hike it all up a little, perfect for those over ankle boots..

Am liking the way this piece works with ready made details, and asymmetry. It feels like a good 'EZwearin' piece eco comfort for body and mind.

The skirt is made from a neighbor's old tee shirts (thank you Carol!) and is a workshop design prototype.