Friday, January 28, 2011

How Can this Work Out Well?

Design for poster-Agit Prop ClassHealth is like a ZERO to GDP. Right there, we should all stop and cringe. To score high in a system that bases value on the report of Gross Domestic Product, one should have a chronic allergy or other condition such as asthma, diabetes, depression, anxiety, unrelenting stress, etc because that translates into lifelong drug and medical attention, all highly valuable to GDP.
As we lose in happiness on the whole we are beset with ills. Many reports that link health and happiness have erupted like spontaneeous hope. That the USA has been losing happiness points since the 1950s, it is no wonder that diseases are gaining ground. However all these conditions need meds that have side effects, create more conditions and on it goes.

A spiral of distorted reality has created a super droid we appear unable to override until enough of us see the situation for what is is, stop attending it and start building for the world we want. We is huge, agreed, but I am sure there are plenty of ideas we have in common and that is all it takes to start. A really bad design inherited from the immature egos of ancient times can't be that difficult to refine, can it?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pattern Graphics

This great McCalls cover illustration shouts 40s because of the 'manly shoulders.' I can't find the year it was printed, but fashion propaganda tells on itself. I wish I could tell you the name of the artist, as it is their hand behind the duplication machinery, that speaks to me.

Now duplication has become a new social dis -ease.
Robots replaced 3500 workers in a windshield factory (3 button pushers- 1 per shift- in 24 hours) test drive the cars and more, as manufacturing returns to Detroit. (from lecture by Maureen Taylor 1/18/11) This is helping raise GDP while wages fall and unemployment is rampant -so now what?

This could be a benefit for everyone as we are all planetary stakeholders. More people working fewer hours with living wages would allow time for things that are important, like family, art, storytelling, research into 'everything,' developing more clean energy, meditation and learning how happiness as a measure impacts life around the world. This should be the age of discovering our species greatest potential.

Instead, the planned obsolesemce model has displaced humans as a means to accelerate wealth within ever smaller circles. This is happening because the laws are based on an archaic (royal elite) model. Adaptations have refined the pattern but yet it remains framed in the old ideology. These absurd constraints have created a design of inbred concepts. So instead of bounty for all, we see distorted profits and distribution plans run amuck!!!!
Like, what's the point? because from here, it all looks just way too dumb.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Simplicity Biker Chic(k)

upper right illustration has the bicycle prop

This vintage look from Simplicity Pattern Company is a sporty little promo from the 50s. Women's freedom and the split skirt has a long history. From the bloomer look popularized by Amelia Bloomer in the 1850s to the pantsuits of the 1970s, borrowing from menswear helped facilitate the climb up the ladder of "success."

"British explorer Richard Francis Burton, travelling across the United States in 1860 noted that he saw only one woman (whom he called a "hermaphrodite") wearing bloomers.[1] The costume was called the "American Dress" or "Reform Costume" by the women's activists that wore it. Most of the women who wore the costume were deeply involved in dress reform, abolition, temperance and the women's rights movement. Although practical, the "bloomers" were also an attempt to reform fashion since the majority of "bloomers" were also in upper to middle class and also in the public eye." excerpt from the Wikipedia link for bloomers

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2012:the awakening

An interview with the author Bill Douglas on community currency radio is really worthwhile listening. His take on art getting through the media blockade re-ignited the unsinkable fashionRIP spirit. Another possibility has come forward and it resonates with everything I have been trying to do..
A mix of people past and present, as well as some wondrous connections with's.too fantabulous for words, so won't try to say more. Besides I need to speak with partner in media before I go off all cock-eyed optimist. Must appear as a focused optimist aka have the back up materials for the unbelievers and a few dots connected before take off.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

domestic chic

Thinking of printing eco sane messages on old aprons, I collected a lot of them during my garage sales shopping days and think they make a wonderful site for messages like "clean up your mess" "What do Bees think of Roundup?" "who do you think you're fooling?" "Lies bite," "No Corporate Bullies 'lowed Round Here," "Water Rights as in Clean" "You are what you eat (70% corn)"& "can you say subsidy?"-you know those little momisms.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Species on the Verge debut

Phoenix is such a global symbol...why?
This phoenix from the Orient is an embroiderey on silk i found at a yard sale.
Next wednesday I am doing a promo show and tell to get fashionRIP a spot of time at a Wallingford art gallery. The phrase "in my own backyard" comes to mind as I am going through images that will best explain the vision.
It is so clear in my head as i see in 3 d and past, present and future -all a mix. Brains are spectacular tools!!!

I reviewed the slideshow and maybe...... but hate to disconnect my laptop to show it and the dvd of "Species on the Verge" as am now using it as my main computer...I should think we could work around this tech issue, perhaps we might borrow one from a neighbor shop......

Such wonderful issues to be having, the phoenix is about to fly.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

unstructured Coat

the 'true' color is on the bottom, the top photo was shot this morning in electric light....

i used wool coating from the stash that was built up during my Zootsuit days, to make this unlined coat. Its like a big blanket - not a snuggie uggie.

The trade off for no lining was having to bind the seams. i could have serged them but i like the contrast and nice finish that bias tape adds.

When i was designing and sewing custom garments i bought supplies on sale, from fabric stores, estate, vintage,garage and yard sales. Even after selling a lot of fabric the summer of '09 i am well stocked and it is a fun challenge to see how little i need to buy now. Discovering creative solutions gives me a brain rush that i love.
Super vintage buttons were reclaimed from...?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Public Space

Public Spaces are reclaimed by Banksy. Is he then a modern hero? i think yes. Post the message and and free the speech, that is an honorable occupation..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anna Hermans Eco Fashion

all eco wise garments from organic cotton , hemp, silk or vintage fabrics. see the full video of Anna Hermans collection of 12/10 on Youtube.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

Last dawn of 12/10 as renewable solar energy colors the old grid stars
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."- Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank You, Eleanor for your inspiration and your work on the Universal Declaration for Human Rights. Action with belief changes reality every day.

As for the male Roosevelts, Teddy was about Conservation (for the pleasure of the wealthy hunters -we must remember history in the proper context) and Franklin D. is noted for WPA, PWA, CCC and other people programs that built much of the USA infrastructure. Yup, way back in the day, which is why now we are literally falling apart. What isn't measured by the GDP doesn't count. Like how myopic is this?

Economists have dissed the WPA and other New Deal programs and instead have sighted WWII for getting the USA out of the Depression. Slanted, well edited stories have shaped the current disfigured reality and they need exposure and that means all of us have got to do the homework, dig under the headlines and speak up with the facts. We can have dignity, integrity and spunk but it takes a little work.

We can be our best possibilities; why not see where that goes for a change? And email me if you want to work with CONNECTED because together miracles happen faster!

Have a happier New Year!!!!