Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Immune Response

Love this video.
Paul Hawkens understands the global biorhythm. The patterns of nature, self, culture - all are imitative, repetitive and yet autonomous within the whole. We are just a fractal of others and more! Seeing how life relates to itself really pushes the potential of our personal energy. This further validates how we impact paradigm change by being the change. This also validates how working in groups can facilitate learning as we reflect and resonate with others. Groups thus create more exposure which aids the immune response systems.

Now i just copy and paste the bio truths into the manmade construct formularies and viola, a picture is revealed again. This shows how we can counter much of the dis-ease our economic system enabled by acting in the space we create for the new construct.

The focus on profit distorted perceptions, created a false reality akin to a cancerous growth model- ah like that just can't be good right?

2012 is healing and blooming.

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