Friday, January 13, 2012

Where are Seattle lights?

Birds on a Wire - wall in U District
There is some great graphic art and music coming out of Occupy. Artists and musicians were/are my mentors. They showed me a world school failed to reveal. (Lies My Teacher Told ME by Loewen) Occupy is helping expose the trail of lies and abuse hidden under flag waving rhetoric and blind acceptance to capitalization. We were taught everything needed to be abstracted, objectified and priced. Now people are gathering together and asking why? People are sking for more value, more respect more democracy..They are demanding transparency, truth and and an end to systemic battering of human spirit, dignity and their ability to live healthy , whole lives.
We are seeking autonomy from the old hierarchical top down grubbery that is resulting in a nihilism, a squeezing and shrinking of things that matter like clean air, water, living soils, healthy bodies, minds and spirits.
This is how we as a species, a culture of humanity,will move from an industrial, hierarchical state of developmental retardation. We are moving forward, being the conscious evolution.

One of my favorite music videos is "Violence Breeds More Violence, Right? 
another is Occupy: We Are The Many.

Seattle is home of so many talented people, please contact Peoples Media Arts Uprising 2012, show up, and help the world understand how energy focused will create the next story.

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