Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Day

The first song i heard (just after midnight -PBS) in 2012 was Cold Play's "Fix You." Someone comes to my mind here, despite rational intervention, it is what is. As feelings, subtly or not so, rule the rational mind, this one is for faith to handle. I trust my intent for good to align with a natural, larger good.

As i have been calling 2012 the year of healing and transition, hearing this song was an affirmation. This is my year to cross over. I do not know what that means. I will by 2013.

I have an idea that we need to heal gender and generation chasms in order to heal the other rifts between peoples. This is a synchronistic pursuit, as personhood is such a mixed, tangled thing. We are bound to set off fireworks, both dangerous and beautiful.

So this means scouting in territories where tradition has built thousands of forts. We need to storm all the barricades and set life free. Freeing our selves, frees others. This will enable us to come into states of fuller potential.

We need to appreciate each other for who we are and not who we want others to be for us. This will translate across all the other borders. This is how barricades crumble, they dissolve with out attention. This we can do.

Hello 2012

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