Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Day + 1

January 2nd, i woke to "The Matrix" and saw it in a whole different light. The humans aren't the virus, the programming is bad. The Matrix isn't a machine or equation, it is something vastly superior and love is how we are able to understand and/or connect with "it."

Consider the phrase "if you love someone set them free, if they return, they love you." (adaptation) We were once free, then awoke to consciousness only to become entangled in our own and other's egos. We were snagged by ideologies that created systems that hooked us in at the level of the humans who made them up. As those system creators were intent on "owning the world," "winning the war against nature," and other oddities they have come close to achieving their goals. Monopolies hidden under corporate facades are calling the shots and ecosystems are collapsing. However their goals now appear vacuous, ill informed, insane even.

All along the way, a few of the people asked questions. They challenged the premise and beliefs. They questioned the goals. They queried the results.

As people woke up, they talked to others and started unplugging from the system. Now every day this is happening ever more. We are setting ourselves free. We are returning to love.

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