Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Love, Down

I go by this community "poster wall" a lot. It is on the way to my mother's place. So when i stopped yesterday to look at the new art, i didn't know it was a memorial.

I did not know Ana, but i feel she was loved by her friends, her community. I do not know much else, but I felt the universe. I was touched inside where life resides and i allowed it to surface.

I cried standing in the parking lot as i took the photos. The tears were for Ana, her friends and for all the children sacrificed to a culture that can't shake the lies from its past to look the future fully in the eye.

This is a culture that sacrifices its children for commerce and works more on fear than promise and potential. This thinking can and must be laid to rest.

We can now understand what it means to align with the whole of life; to see from a different viewpoint. We can dare to go inward to free ourselves from the outer false reality that was staged for the benefit of the few. We are no longer controlled by a world of scarcity, a world where some had to lose in order for others to win.

This world denied emotions, empathy, compassion, connection and puffered up the ego, made strict rules and used racism, class distinctions and other false "reals" in order to exist. It became a stage for professional dissonance and mindless distractions.

That world is no longer useful nor tolerable.The old rules and attitudes are being discarded, we are moving towards who we truly are, we are freeing our spirits, our emotions and our minds.

Ana's friends faced the pain and felt real enough to show the world. Thank you. You are that which will flourish, you are beautiful.

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