Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

 Stitch-istration of two trees that represent  traditional 
male/female archetypes. They help ground me when i visit.

What a conundrum, i really diss the market's shout to buy junk. This holiday is another one that begs for presence, not presents.

We want love, not delusional referrals of heart that are what?- control agents, monitors of care, tributes to normed relationships, reflections of cultural values? Somewhere we bought the abstract and lost a lot of the true value.

When humans sought to understand their yearnings for the essence that lies in knowing, pulls them toward an authentic connection beyond self, they wanted to share the idea so they gave it a name and Love was born.

In a culture that gives a lot of homage to things measurable, provable and repeatable,  lovers are losers. Putting faith in science over our own experiences has dreadfully limited our perception of reality.Once again we are looking in the mirror and asking , how did we lose vision and come to this?

Science is a bright light yes, but shouldn't be the only light in the realm. Science is a tool that when used properly can yield terrific results. But it has also led to myopia, a numbers based dependency and a new kind of ignorance. Fearing that which is not controllable we have caged ourselves in this ridiculous empire of data. Safety in numbers, safety behind walls, safety in stuff, we have gotten used to shooting ourselves in the foot. When asked to stand up for heart, we feel the pain and respond slowly if at all.

We send Valentines made by strangers in foreign factories. Question the love.

All around us we see the reflection of a sham reality that our culture projects. See how it postures, poses and glitters, see how our mainstream media prances it about, see how we are seduced into accepting it all as real life.

Once you see through it you can never not see it again!

So here's to Love, here's to Real Love all vulnerable and messy and lacking in data because it is always new, unique and universal, simultaneously at once.

So stop buying love...

Show up vulnerable and courageous for truly that is brave, heroic even.  In a world of bad beliefs based on competitive, dog eat dog, win/lose set ups we must speak up. It is time to kindly ask the old fear based ideologists to back off, for there is  love to give and life to live.

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