Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fashion Field Guide

I am starting a serial on fashion, ecology and evolution that will be posted on the Fashion Ethos blog.  The intro is there now.

When i started this journey i knew so much less than i do now. I trust information will constantly change and as we all try to remain afloat we will adapt, dive, leap and swim as needed.

Right now i am feeling the current and instead of treading water i am going to swim against it. I have been doing this quietly, building muscle, heart, breath and spirit.

All the while i have met other swimmers, virtually and in person. I know we are not crazy, we are solutionaries. So it is time to collect and synthesize my findings. Besides my dad asked me when i was going to write the book. he is in his 80s so i figured i better commit. So here you are dad, i am on it.

 There are many doing this "change thing" and i have faith that enough of us will get through to enough others and the human species will have another go, this time with the upstairs brain in charge.

And yes a life metaphor is playing under the description!

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