Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Belief Systems

Wool roving felted onto nylon which 
was once the bottom of a vintage negligee. Felting is great fun and
creates amazing texture. I did this first piece as an experimental sample. 
Now need to find its "home."

Last month's snow put an abrupt stop in my anticipated flow of events. Watching the world transformed by nature created its usual beauty break, but this year it brought to mind climate change and shock.
Why shock? I thought of culture shock, the feelings that are synonymous to sudden immersion in a really foreign land, one where language and customs are very different from your own daily events.  I surmise there is a correlation between this experience and  my own culture' inability to embrace the next reality. No matter how one may research, gather information, study the language and traditions, no matter the plan; stepping into another "way of living" surrounds a person with all matters of the unexpected. This taps our senses and we wake up to the immediacy of being. 

At this point we choose fear of the unknown (what train, how do i say "show me" etc) or we embrace it. Usually there is a mix of both, but with practice the unknown becomes the magic doorway of possibility. 

Perhaps this is where one can consciously choose to evoke the law of attraction, perhaps it is mere physiology, an  adrenaline response, perhaps it is the way our sacred heart communicates with us and the whole of life. Call it what ever, a rose is still a rose, the point is that when our energy meets new energy, we come alive. Sparks get our attention,

Change in everyday reality, where every minute brings us a step nearer to extreme climate chaos with concurrent ecosystems damage and the nihilistic wealth/resources suck to the 1%, has many of us mesmerized by the virtual undrama. (despite Occupy) We are lost to big reality by immersion in shallow reality.
The signs and symptoms of change show up, little by little, over time. Like a cancer, our cultural dis-ease feeds best on populations in states of semi inertia. Be it cells or humans, populations respond to alarms and they reAct. This must be why fear driven systems are so dominant; it is easier to "prove" the necessity to respond than to chance prediction. (Predictions hang out with the like of wiccans, pagans, shamans and such, and throughout Western history were akin to calling cards for tortuous ramification. The "original church" wanted zero competition for the "souls" of human beings.)

Without bells and whistles, Insidious dis-eases and toxins creep in under the radar and thrive until our immune systems are too weakened or overwhelmed to respond adequately. Is this what has happened? Is our cultural "real" no more real than a person accepting as normal a condition that irritates but until it really is a bother won't take time to investigate and find a cure? Wow, like our daily shallow over rides our true dharma until we are forced awake. 

This is a version of " the lobster in the pot." The poor lobster doesn't feel the creep of the heat's intensity until it is severe. The lobster's environmental shock-up comes too late in the classic story. However we are more conscious than lobsters and therefore "we" have been noting the evidence of our head towards disaster. As a result, thousands (more?) of citizen's groups have formed to treat the symptoms. This is part of that which Paul Hawken's calls the global immune response system. Now, in 2012, there truly is a new level of urgency. We as a species are pulling ourselves, our families, our world of brothers and sisters together and are jumping "out of the pot." We are risking the ire of the ogre for our very lives. 

This jump from the known "boiling pot" towards a new consciousness is evolutionary behavior. We are putting faith in the currently unprovable, because what we thought we knew has proven flawed beyond repair. We can and will do better. We are moving towards that which we want to manifest, trusting our sacred hearts to be the compass they were intended to be. This is a leap of faith, evolution, courage, but most of all, heart.

The sparks are here, the fire is lighted, we are the phoenix and need not succumb to the ashes of our own distorted beliefs and premises. Our hearts say soar, soar beyond this delusion, soar towards the light.

Choose light!

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