Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion at Sustainable Ballard Fest

theme grows and surface changes
Well the show is on as Beth has worked to find models, set up a dressing area and make flyers....the woman is an appreciated do-er that helped make it worth the designers time to participate.

The weather looks great and the festival pulled good crowds in previous years.

The fashion bit is from 1-2 Saturday on the main stage in the park across from the Ballard Library. The park has a name but i still smart from the "Grindline Skatebowl tear down" episode of 2005.

i want to show a few dresses but the models aren't confirmed, however there are several product designers that have more incentive for this kind of event. I am looking forward to seeing their work.

I am wearing a fashionRIP prequel piece from the symbols, signs and spirit collection...
and after ripping off the jacket sleeves i may toss that on too.. Everything changes!

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