Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fashionRIP Project

detail of the bottom of a recyCouture dress for "Species on the Verge"
in Greenwala contest. Please vote as you do not need to register and it will only take seconds. In fact you can vote daily and they all count.

Though the fashionRIP Project is an all volunteer sustainable art piece intended as an alt communication, it is also a model for the bones of a business.

Sustainable economics need to experiment with ideas and the RIP is on a road of discovery that will lead to applicable solutions. I am working on it as the product is more than a commodity and a service, it is about process and workshops...it is about the real lives of people who are stakeholders - long and short term. It is also about changes that dynamic concerns utilize to become sustainable entities that evolve as nature intended!

What a mouthful!

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