Saturday, September 26, 2009

On to the show

Ballard Window dressig
-distortion courtesy of nature, glass and the observer

we will go!
It is 6 AM and all is better than well.

Looks like 3 wonderful people -Laura, Paige and Emily -will show up to wear dresses from the "Species on the Verge" collection. (there may be more, so i am packing extras! Mom is riding back-up and TG!)

As this festival in the park cannot replicate the set ambiance, i asked the models to to do their own make-up (with emphasis on more) and to wear black shoes or boots. We meet up at noon ...i have no idea how this will play but i like the suspense .

Surprise is a risk that i am seeking more often. I think it's to offset the control (power) issue, the action consequence system of mechanical devices and religion. Control is and is not true (at the same time).....i love that dischord in sanity!

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