Friday, October 2, 2009

fashionRIP speaks up

Louise at the Eco Design Fair surrounded by the pillows she makes.
The covers are all from second use materials.

October is here. The 28th is the day and noon is the time.

i booked this lecture date with SCCC months ago, proposing a basic sustainable fashion talk about eco fibers, production issues and a general round up of who, what, how and why designers were navigating this new turf.

This was to be my first real public speaking event, but London called (via Louise in the photo above) and i answered.

It is a good thing as the basic format fell away. i was asked to direct sustainable fashion toward the class theme of body and spirit.

Since then my path has changed dramatically. The direction is the same but the view has widened in unexpected ways. i faced some personal cobras in order to shake out my own fashion myth. I uncovered why and how i chose this field and how my view of the world was distorted by grade school pains and rewards. These early feelings created ideas that formed the foundations that supported my vision of the world.

The shakedown brought in a clarity. i feel foolish and bright at the same time! In that spirit
i am clearing up some after effects of my distorted lens and happy to say that so far so good.

The show will go on as unpredicted!

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