Sunday, October 18, 2009

Women on the Verge..

men welcome! it gets boring without you!

it appears the whole world is coming together to form the next paradigm. Connected, non linear concepts that resonate with current research in physics, biology, sociology etc. have inspired the new theories and actions.

The fashionRIP Project is not alone, there are others. She is not an anomaly but part of a great awakening of spirit.

The old separatist Newtonian/Darwinian foundation is crumbling and though it is making a mess it is all part of the transition. It is an organic pattern at work in a theoretical world made!

Check out "Women on the Edge of Evolution " to hear some of the voices of change.

(wow i had the title wrong ...but that was why i paid attention. Some things are meant to be....and that is beautiful and at times annoying!)

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