Saturday, October 3, 2009

SB Festival

we did it!

Laura twirls
(add dark leggings for a winter look)

Paige and Emily
pretty and poised

The Sustainable Ballard (alt) Fashion Show last week was better than i imagined. I was happily impressed and met some wonderful local designers and will post about them soon.

But first, at long last, the fashionRIP Project gets the tout.

My wonderful models were all last minute show-ups and are proof that fashionRIP has a life of its own. There wasn't time for fittings other than put it on and wow that fits and you look great, lets go!

I am so thankful for Laura, Emily and Paige as they took to the stage in the dresses from the "Species on the Verge" collection with style ~

Thank you Beth the coordinator who worked long hours to make this show happen. In fact it was Beth who asked Paige and Emily to model. She promised me models and she came through with the most charming young women ever!

Laura just happened to email me the day before (from Sustainable Seattle via an earlier SSF query) and i took a chance and asked her if she would like to don a recycouture dress and she said that would be more fun than a trip to Mt Rainier.
Y'all Rock, miladies!

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