Sunday, October 11, 2009

Into the Lair at Bravern Square.

as Van Gogh said (loose)" i do a lot of self portraits
because the model is always available"

Yesterday I opened the glass doors of another challenge. I had a mission in mind and through that emerald lens i looked for signs of boorish design, garments made for seasonal discharge.

I was determined to sneer at expensive trash, the gee gaws of ego enhancement without style or grace, art or reason. Fashion whose emphasis on the bottom line put it in the straitjacket of corporate blanding.

I hurried past the major temptations; at round one, i was ok. However i have a thing for Chanel. The woman was an early hero. I read her bio when i was 20 and designed a pale blue chiffon and satin chemise with pearlized sequins in her honor and to snag an A in Fashion History!

So you see i have history here. I could not just walk on by!

Now to say that Karl Lagerfield does her justice is hard for me. But yesterday he scored 85% in my book of impossible odds. Up close and personal with good design, beautiful fabrics, and that savvy attention to detail, i melted.

I am justifying this with a quote from Metro UK which i also came across that morning (really) "Designer Karl Lagerfield said: It's Coco Ecolo, ecology can be chic. No? One can use natural fabrics and learn from nature."

Thank you Mr. Lagerfield. Now i must sort through this emotional territory of want and need, saving the best of of what we have now, to carry into the future, is a good thing. It's the weeding that is controversial.

However, thanks to mom and a big rockery on Beacon Hill, i developed some pretty good weeding skills!

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