Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sustainable Fashion (getting) Organized

Everything starts somewhere
- start walking!

Kim of Kimmi Designs and i got together yesterday to talk about the benefits of sustainable designers uniting to grow awareness, do shows and other major projects, learn , inspire and generally support each other.

I saw and felt how this works when i attended and participated in collaborative events in London. The Eco Design Fair and the Fashioning the Future Summit 08 at the Sustainable Fashion Center proved to me that strangers with a cause in common can create tremendous change. They become worthy accomplices and are no longer strangers.

The energy of 2 is double 1 after all!

The competitive nature of design could be an issue. However we concluded that we all have an indy voice and vision and helping each others unique styles to bloom is a benefit that surpasses any possible glitches.

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